“The New 52” DC Comic’s Release Schedule

“The New 52” DC Comic’s Release Schedule



-O.M.A.C. #1




I am personally excited about the DC reboot. I’ve wanted to catch up on every Batman comic, but with over seven hundred issues, that would be a huge chore at this point. When do you start reading anyway? From the cheesy old comics or when they became gritty and dark in the late 80s? Here’s your chance to jump on board from the start. With DC veterans Johns and Morrison writing, I’m sure our favorite heroes are in good hands, and I look forward to the new adventures they’ll take us on.

List was found on Phantom of the Attic of Monroeville Pa’s Facebook page.


Movie Review- ‘The Change Up’ Changes Nothing in Comedy Cliche


“The Change Up” stars Ryan Reynolds (“Green Lantern”) and Jason Bateman (“Arrested Development”) as Mitch and Dave – Mitch as the wild single man and Dave as the hardworking family man. One night, the two friends get wasted and start gushing over how much “better the other has it” while taking a good old-fashioned public fountain piss that results in, you guessed it, them switching bodies. Of course they do. That’s a logical plot point. “The Change Up” comes from the people who brought you “Wedding Crashers,” so you’re thinking this movie could be pretty funny, right? Wrong. “The Change Up,” not to be confused with “The Switch,” which also stars Jason Bateman and also sucks, is nothing you haven’t already seen before. The plot is deep, so deep that if you have seen the trailer for “The Change Up” then congratulations, you’ve pretty much seen “The Change Up.” You’ve seen this same movie already, whether it was titled “Freaky Friday,” “17 Again,” or any other from a long list of bad movies.


The lack of originality isn’t even the start of why I hated “The Change Up.” This movie lost me with just how pointless the entire experience was. The characters are both meaningless, thoughtless jerks who are constantly battling the other person in selfishness. In other words, Mitch and Dave come off as complete and total douchebags. Olivia Wilde (“Tron: Legacy,” “House”) appears in the picture as one of the love interests, but doesn’t bring more to the table other than playing cliche office-assistant eye candy. Wilde’s a great actress, I just wish someone would cast her in a role that wasn’t subpar for a change. Every other supporting character is either annoying and/or disposable, or like most things in this feature, does both and then poops.
This movie is so terrible, I’m surprised Adam Sandler isn’t starring in it. Not once did I find myself feeling any emotion for the leads, instead spending the time hating them for everything asinine thing they did. Everything they do is pointless, from the amount of unnecessary gross-out sex scenes with everyone from a ready-to-pop pregnant lady to an elderly porn star getting thumbs in the backdoor, to Mitch’s uncanny ability to say fuck until a sailor would be blush. I like a good raunchy comedy as much as the next person, but not when the film spends its time on cheap, senseless, gross-out poop humor. Anyone could have written this movie, as so long as they haven’t graduated high school yet.
The absolute worst thing about it, though, is it’s constantly making the viewer feel guilty directly after something enjoyable happens. Example: Woman poops then gets into bed with man (Ugh), man says something remotely funny (surprisingly) and then for no reason whatsoever, the character says something terrible, hurting the woman’s feelings and killing any joy once brought to you. It’s like eating a donut filled with toothpaste.


Bottom line: Avoid this movie. Watch “Wedding Crashers” again and forget this ever happened. I wish I could’ve urinated into a magical fountain with director David Dobkin so we could’ve switched bodies and I could have stopped him from ever thinking he could breathe life into this tired old plot. “The Change Up” is rude and predictable, while making you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. But if you ever catch yourself sitting around in your favorite Tap Out shirt, drinking a super cold Coors Light while dreaming about how “bad ass” it would be to swap out your frat-douche-chic lifestyle for your best friend’s bitchy wife, lawyer position, and stupid children, then “The Change Up” just might be the movie for you.

Dear Hollywood: Try harder next time, please.

Rating: 1/10

-This movie is played in movie theaters.
-Movie theaters are places where good movies are sometimes played.

-This wasn’t a one of those good times.
-Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman play the same characters they always do, and then they play each other … ugh.
-A lot of forehead slappingly stupid moments.
-Every time you laugh, director David Dobkin steals it and makes you feel ashamed.


-Why doesn’t anyone close to Mitch and Dave tell them how thoughtless they are?
-Do you think it’s strange they got a guy as handsome as Reynolds to star in a porn with a bunch of carnies for the rest of the cast? Fetish?
-Can I switch with Ryan Reynolds and be The Green Lantern for the sequel, please?



Fun Fact: Olivia Wilde is not actually nude in this movie. She originally wore pasties, and Ryan Reynolds can’t cup a breast so they had to CGI in fake nipples. Apparently, they were chosen by Ms. Wilde herself, which makes me ask the question – what kind of silly nipples would I have chosen for myself? What we do with technology is bizarre.

Kevin Smith’s ‘Red State’ Trailer

First off, I would like to thank Mr. Smith for getting the bad taste out of my mouth I had after viewing the “Battleship” trailer. That being said, “Red State” looks incredible. For those of you who don’t know, Kevin Smith (“Clerks,” “Mallrats,” “Smodcast Internet Radio”) has made a new movie, and it’s not what you would expect from old “Silent Bob.” “Red State” is about “a group of teens [who] receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.”Via IMDB This time, Smith financed the flick himself, giving him the infinite creative freedom fans have been anticipating (due to him being notoriously censored throughout the years). Though Smith’s usual movies focus on dead-beat minimum wagers or comic book geeks, “Red State’s” villains are based loosely on the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, who’s claim to fame is picketing funerals with hateful signs depicting their ludicrous beliefs to bring attention themselves. “Red State” looks dark … really, really dark. It’ll be exciting to see Smith out of his convenience store comfort zone. Smith has said he draws his influences for the movie from the Coen brothers and Quentin Tarantino.

The film has an outstanding cast, with Michael Parks (“Kill Bill,” “Grindhouse”), John Goodman (“The Big Lebowski,” “Roseanne”), Stephen Root (“Office Space”), Kevin Pollak (“The Usual Suspects,” “Juwanna Man”), and a personal favorite of mine, Ralph Garman (“Hollywood Babble-On”). “Red State” is directed and written by Kevin Smith and shot by Smith’s go-to guy, David Klein. Okay, enough gushing, here’s the trailer for Kevin Smith’s “Red State”:

And here’s a video of Smith talking about “Red State” and his run-in with the Westboro Church on Chelsea Lately from Jan 31, 2011:

For more info on “Red State,” head over to the official site : RedStateTheMovie.com
Also, if you haven’t listened to any of Smith’s Smodcast Radio: DO IT!

‘BATTLESHIP’ Trailer Released … Miss!


In a world where Hollywood lacks originality, and it’s just plain easier to sell familiarity to people, comes the movie “Battleship.” Based (somehow) on the board game of the same title, the flick stars Liam Neeson (“Taken”), Taylor Kitsch (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”),  and Alexander Skarsgård (“True Blood”), and will be the first film for hip-hop artist/extra-terrestrial fashionista Rihanna. The film looks redundant, like a PG-13 version of this year’s “Battle: Los Angeles” waterlogged. When will Hollywood stop trying to sell us recycled garbage and start aspiring to entertain us by making us think, or taking us to imaginative new places?

Until then, here’s the trailer for the “much-anticipated” “Battleship.”  Sink your Battleships on May 18, 2012. Miss.
Click over to Yahoo Movies for the HD trailer and Photos

Frank Darabont Not ‘Walking Dead’ for Season 2 [Updated]

The Man, The Myth, The Leaving :-( “The Walking Dead’s” showrunner, Frank Darabont, has decided leave the hit show mid-development during its second season. Darabont hasn’t announced an official departure date, or said whether he will or will not stay on the show in any other way, though I can’t imagine him completely abandoning his AMC ratings baby. The news is even more surprising due to Darabont’s attendance at this past week’s Comic Con panel for the series. Hopefully, he will at least stay around to continue guiding the show in the right direction.

It would be really interesting to have someone like comic creator/writer Robert Kirkman or special effects wizard Greg Nicotero take the helm in the future, due to their specialization in the zombie genre. All in all, though, it’s hard to tell who will end up filling the large Darabont-shaped hole in the heart of the show. Be sure to tune in to AMC on October 16th to catch all the zombie action.

Photo from : IMDB.com

Update: Glen Mazzara, Darabont’s 2nd in command will be taking over as showrunner. Mazzara, who worked on The Shield, also wrote last season episode, “Wildfire”.

Judge Dredd – New Pictures

     As some of you may or may not know, the 1977 comic book character Judge Dredd (“2000 AD”) is coming back to the big screen this year in “Dredd,” a new film in Stereoscopic 3D!  Donning the helmet is none other than “Star Trek” (2009’s) Karl Urban. Urban, who also played Eomer in both “Lord of the Rings” sequels, is perfect for the role. He’s been in several leading roles in action-oriented films (“Doom”, “Pathfinder,” and “Priest”), and seems ready for just about anything at this point. The movie was written by Alex Garland (“28 Days Later” and “Sunshine”) and directed by Peter Travis, of “Vantage Point” fame. The film also stars Lena Headey (“300”) and Olivia Thirlby (“Juno”).  Here are a few photos of scans from Empire via Quite Earth.

   Let’s just hope it turns out better than the 1995 self-titled “Judge Dredd” film, starring Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, and the human warning flag, Rob Schneider. Though I do have fond memories of blasting my way through the Sega game version as a small child, the movie has always been terrible.  Here’s a taste of that:

Marvel’s “The Avengers” SDCC 2011 Concept Art: Assemble!!

Marvel has released some outstanding concept art for the upcoming Avenger movie. I must say The Hulk is looking bad ass. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get into another skirmish with mutant poodles in this adventure…

I posted a few of the pictures here:

Head over to Marvel’s page for a few more pictures and extras: Marvel.com

Knights of Badassdom Trailer

Just heard about “Knights of Badassdom” for the first time today, and that surprised me, considering the amount of incredible people attached to the project.  The movie stars “True Blood’s” Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn, and “Firefly’s” Summer Glau as a group of LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) losers who accidentally release a succubus into the world. The film also stars Jimmi Simpson (“Party Down,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), Peter Dinklage (“Game of Thrones,”  both “Death at a Funeral” films), and Danny Pudi (“Community,” “Cougar Town”).

For more info please check out the movie’s official website:  http://knightsofbadassdom.com/


Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Cap Poster!!!

   The first film on the chopping block of my new blog features none other than the first member of The Avengers – Captain America.  ” Captain America: The First Avenger” tells the story of Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans), a wimpy kid from the Bronx with a heart of gold, who is chosen to be a part of a secret government experiment attempting to create the “super soldier,” and consequently an end to WW2. Rogers is chosen not because he is qualified – he is far behind his competition in physical aptitude and has no experience  – but because he refuses to gives up. Chris Evans portrays Steve Rogers as the sweetest man in the 1940s. He wins you over instantly as a upstanding guy, and constantly compels you to mercy while  everyone around him constantly mocks and doubts his abilities. Steve’s character is so nice that if you admit to even remotely disliking Rogers, you’re probably an asshole (or in Caps’ case, a Johann Schmidt). Johann Schmidt, who later reveals himself to be The Red Skull,  is the leader of Hydra, a Nazi terrorist group that specializes in the occult. He is so evil, even the Nazis decide he’s too much for them. Long story short, the Skull gets his hands on a Cosmic Cube that hold unknown power and must be stopped by, you guessed it, Captain America. Fuck Yeah! So how does the Cap size up??
Steve Rogers is played by the likeable Chris Evans (“Fantastic Four”) in his first leading role. I knew he’d work well the moment I saw him light up the silver screen as Lucas Lee in last summer’s “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.”  Steve Rogers is  the epitome of the “Good Guy,” so much so that when asked if he wants to “kill Nazis” his reply is simply, “No, I don’t want to kill anyone. I just don’t like Bullies.” Hugo Weaving (“The Matrix,” “V for Vendetta”) plays The Red Skull in a match made in comic-nerd heaven. That was the one member of the cast I remember being thrilled about when they first announced the movie. Cap’s love interest, Peggy Carter, is played by Hayley Atwell. I hadn’t seen her before, but thought she did really well in the part. I hope to see her do more in the future. However, the show-stealers for me were Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel Chester Phillips and Stanley Tucci as the good German Dr. Abraham Erskine. Every time the two are on screen, they add so much to the likability of the overall flick. Director Joe Johnston (“Jumanji,” “The Rocketeer,” “October Sky”) was more than qualified to helm the picture. He has a way of visually taking you back in time and keeping you there. In a world filled with distractions, I very seldom took my eyes off the screen, or felt like I left the feel of war-stricken ’40s. The action is intense and nonstop, reminiscent at times of Indiana Jones’ early adventures, a time when movies were focused more on being “fun” than worrying about seeming “smart.”  And though the 3D version (yes I saw it in 3D) was mostly unnecessary, it was really awesome when Cap was throwing his shield around.
When I watched “Captain America: The First Avenger” this weekend, I left the theater satisfied. I walked in knowing it wasn’t going to be the best movie ever, and I left happy I saw it. The movie was very entertaining and captures the nostalgia of the old comics. However, I know people are complaining about how silly it was at times, and how “unreal” it felt. I feel like people these days expect every comic book-turned-movie to be “The Dark Knight” and, well, the hard truth is that they aren’t. In fact, I’d like for you to imagine a world in which all comic book adaptations are rooted in a dark and gritty reality … it would become dull and boring.  We need movies like this, or eventually everything starts looking like the new trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man.”  Captain America is very light-hearted and fun, and at times the dialog does get cheesy, but hell – it’s the 1940’s, and people talked a lot differently (for an example, go talk to your grandpap for 5 minutes – he’s silly). I imagine it would sound like quite the cheesefest to us modern conversationalists.
As far as The Avengers’ subplot goes, it doesn’t get in the way of making Cap a great stand-alone movie, but it’s there enough to be awesome and build on the excitement that started three years ago with “Iron Man” (2008). The nods to the upcoming blockbuster start with the Cosmic Cube (or as most people remember, the “WTF Cube” from the post-“Thor” Avengers scene). Also, Tony Stark’s, aka Iron Man’s, father Howard Stark plays Q to Captain America’s 007 by helping craft his costume and iconic shield, along with a few other surprises I won’t spoil here. The movie includes an additional scene at the end, and then a certain teaser trailer for a certain 2012 Mega Movie after the credits so DON’T LEAVE YOUR SEAT! “The Avengers” is slated for May 2012 and will be directed by none other than geek-god Joss Whedon, so you can place your bets now that this is going to be incredible.

Super Summer Stack-Up:
Thor < Green Lantern < Captain America < X-Men: First Class

Exhilarating, charming, and action-packed.
Costume and shield were visualized and kicked ass.
Chris Evans is going to fit right in with the other  Avengers.
Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan’s Mustache. Epic!

Movie drags a little at times.
Cheesy dialog will turn some people off.
Red Skull comes off as less intimidating than Johann Schmidt.
3D Up-charge.

Questions The Movie Left Me With:
What gives Captain America’s shield its boomerang-like abilities?
How does The Red Skull articulate so well without lips?
Can I slip into an ice coma until The Avengers movie comes out?

Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer Comic Con 2011

Finally, a real look at some of the action from the coming 2nd season of The Walking Dead (not just a clip of Rick smashing in zombies faces with rocks). Looks like it has the gangs in for a lot of surprises, and I’m looking forward to seeing Hershel’s Farm. We can all look forward to finding out this October …

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